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We support clients by giving them maximum choices & control of their lives in the least restrictive ways possible!

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Our Supported Living Unit In Hillingdon

We have carefully chosen this home based on its excellent location, home comfort, well-being & recovery and we placed a high priority on the safety of our clients as this is a shared compatible property!

Of paramount importance is the quality of the surrounding community, business, and transport service within a five (5) minutes radius. 

Goshen Care Home Ltd places a maximum priority on clients being able to make their choices and receive support in less restrictive ways.

Goshen Care Home Ltd Supported Living is always ready to welcome clients with mental health, learning disabilities, and dual diagnosis.

We Provide Supported Living in These Categories


  • Recreation Activities
  • Education and Vocational Activities
  • Overseas Holidays
  • voluntary opportunities e.g Food bank/ Gardening

Client Groups

  • Client Groups
  • User Groups Needs

Care & Support

  • Life skills and training
  • Managing finances
  • Support to be in touch with professional services & liaison with other agencies
  • Auxiliary support
  • Personal Care

Supported Housing

Goshen Care Home Ltd supported living accommodation is primarily targeted at individuals at risk from the ages of 18 to 65 years. Our service aims to give individuals the opportunity to live as independently as possible with help from staff when needed. We empower each individual to make their own choices to lead their lives in the best way they want to, in less restrictive ways possible.

Working Safe During COVID-19

We continue to keep our vigilance and conduct the necessary due diligence to ensure the safety of clients and staff.

Our Goals

  • The provision of person-centred care and support!
  • Focus on independent living skills.
  • Excelling in  the five (5)  key standards of care and support.
  • Always embodying empathy within our care and support services.
  • Strict  compliance  with  the Care Act 2014 legislation

Our Aims

  • Goshen Care Home Ltd is intentional in delivering recovery-focused and person-centered services working in collaboration with our health partners.

  • Or Teams support individuals to live in the community and keep moving forwards on their recovery journey to achieve their maximum potential  in life

  • Our package supported living service provides different accommodation-based services – for those leaving the hospital, to medium and low-level support where clients in general move on within a couple of years.